Making Appropriate Choices

Written by: Janet Wolcott, PharmD, CPC, ELI-MP, CDTS
"May your CHOICES reflect your HOPES, and not your FEARS" Nelson Mandela When you think about it, our entire day is created by choices we make from the moment we wake up in the morning until we place our head on our pillow at the... read more

Intentions vs. Resolutions

Bringing in the New Year: Intentions versus Resolutions My first blog I have to admit I am excited to start this next journey in my coaching career. What a perfect time as the end of 2019 and the beginning 2020 a new decade. My best friend is ... read more

Women Finding Balance

I'm very excited to invite you all to attend a program I am hosting starting June 18th for women trying to juggle it all and maintaining a healthy life balance. This is a 7 week course on exploring 7 vital areas of our lives: Including personal... read more