Explore, Motivate, Believe, Reach, Acknowledge, Create, Embrace

I respect that each client is an expert in her own life and work.  I believe that each client has the ability to EMBRACE their life (Explore, Motivate, Believe, Reach, Achieve, Create and Embrace).  As a coach, I will acknowledge and encourage each client to empower themselves to reach their greatest potential through their greatest strengths by: 

  • Encouraging self-discovery
  • Assisting them to explore, create, and design their lives for what they want to achieve
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Aiding the client in holding themselves accountable and responsible

I as a coach will strive to have a dynamic relationship with each client and be completely non-judgmental, and be flexibility to the client's changing needs.  I will provide a safe and open environment for the client to create the life that they have dreamed about living. 

EMBRACE Life Coaching, LLC